Our goal for No Cap is to let people come forward to vent frustrations, blow the lid off secrets, share personal stories, and give wisdom to those who seek it. We cover a wide but focused range of topics related to technology, security, business, fringe sciences, and secrets. If you have something to contribute, you won’t get the credit or fame. Your benefit will be to tell your story with journalists who will thoroughly vet, edit, and share your truths while shielding you from backlash and repercussions. 

Staying Safe

No Cap is about the truth through protected anonymity first and foremost. The founders of this platform have an extensive background in cybersecurity and our number one goal is to protect our contributors. However, whistleblowing in particular is inherently risky. We do not warrant or guarantee that we can protect your identity. This is still ultimately your choice and responsibility! We will do everything we can to keep you safe, but make your own choices wisely!

That being said, if you resonate with our mission and still want to contribute knowing the risks then we invite you to get in touch. Here are decent instructions to consider before applying. It should go without saying that just by being on our website with layers of protection, you have created a trail. So because of that association, we recommend browsing and contributing with different approaches.

Conversely, if you’re not worried about anonymity or have want a quick and easy way to get involved, you can join our Keybase Community.

Our preferred methods for anonymity when browsing and/or contributing to our website include:

  1. Using a Virtual Machine with Kodachi or Tails.
  2. NordVPN is our go-to setup on either the host machine or router.
  3. Proton Mail for throwaway email accounts.
  4. Brave browser.

General Writing Guidelines

  1. Keep things anonymous. Change the names of persons, businesses, etc: Please replace all real names with fictional names to protect the privacy of individuals and organizations involved.
  2. Prove it’s true. Provide any supporting documentation to our team. We won’t publish any documentation that you don’t want us to in the story itself, but if there are specifics (e.g. financials, secrets, etc) we do ask that you privately share those with us so we can vouch for the authenticity of your story.
  3. Make it personal. Please narrate your story using the first-person perspective to create a personal and engaging experience for the readers. Don’t hold back on emotions and the full human experience. We protect anonymity above all else so you don’t have to worry about how your story will be perceived or effect your reputation.
  4. Don’t sweat the writing. You don’t have to worry about grammar, tone, spelling, etc. Focus on conveying your story as accurately and narrative-driven as possible. Our team will handle the editing and refinement process.

Agreements and Terms

  • Copyright License: By submitting your interview form, you agree to release the copyright of your story under an MIT-style license, granting us the right to use, modify, and distribute the content freely.
  • Truth and Accuracy: You affirm that the story you provide is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Minor embellishments or hyperbole are acceptable for the purpose of enhancing storytelling.
  • Identifying Names: You warrant that all identifying names have been sufficiently altered to minimize the risk of any potential libel, slander, or defamation of character.
  • Brand Alignment: You agree to allow No Cap to modify your story as we see fit, in order to align with the overall tone and brand of our website. While we will collaborate with you during the editing process and ensure your involvement in the final draft, we reserve the right to make necessary changes to maintain consistency and coherence with our platform.

Typical Outline

  • Proposed title of the story
  • Short Summary
  • About the Author: Introduce yourself briefly, highlighting your background or relevant experiences that connect to the story.
  • Beginning: Describe the initial situation or problem that sets the stage for your story.
  • Middle: Share the main events, challenges, or turning points that occurred during the course of your story.
  • Conclusion: Explain the resolution, outcome, or key takeaway from your story. Usually this is something like lessons learned, gratitudes, or wisdom you’d like to share.

Thought Starters

These sometimes help the creative juices flow. Consider them optional and work into the story wherever you see fit, or just start writing and don’t worry about the structure. We’ll help it come together.

  • What inspired you to share this story?
  • Are there any specific themes or messages you want the readers to take away from your story?
  • How has this experience impacted your life or influenced your perspective?
  • What are the lessons learned or personal growth you experienced as a result of your story?
  • Are there supporting details, anecdotes, or moments you would like to include in your story?
  • Anything else you would like to add or any specific instructions you have for our team?

Please complete the interview form to the best of your ability, and thank you for sharing your story with us! We’ll be in touch to collaborate on the story together via email and we’ll publish when you’ve had a chance to review and approve!

If you’ve read all of that and accept the risks and terms then get in touch: or reach out to admins on our Keybase Community.