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Project NightHawk

In the dim corridors of my memory, there lies a chapter from my time as a software engineer working on a defense contract, a period of my life that I have to keep cloaked in shadows and silence. It’s a story that gnaws at the edges of my conscience, a relentless whisper in the stillness of the night.

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Lockheed Martin: Hacked!

Today a few members of our team are coming forward to the story of how they hacked into one of the most secretive and secured privately held businesses in the world. Aliens, hacking, and government secrets are all inbound and slated to release over the next weeks. We have it all, and you want proof, of course. You always put the burden of proof on us truthers, and someday we are going to take the time to tell you how one-sided and toxic this relationship is, but today we are just going to give you what you asked for. With a newly signed pact amongst our group, we have collectively decided to start sharing verifiable details on this site cautiously.

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Maul the Sith Lord Hacker

In the world of hacking, labels such as black hat, grey hat, and white hat are often used to categorize hackers based on their activities. However, these terms fail to convey the true abilities and intentions of these individuals. When it comes to describing an elite hacker with malicious intent, I prefer to use the term “Sith Lords.” Among the few Sith Lords I’ve encountered, one stands out as particularly ruthless. For safety reasons, I won’t disclose his real name, but I will refer to him as Maul. Hailing from the Russian Mafia, he operates within a secretive network of brilliant minds driven by malicious intent and abundant resources. In this article, I will share my personal encounter with Maul, how I crossed paths with him, and the dangerous game that ensued.

12 Min Read

Secret Societies Hiding in Plain Sight

There are tens of thousands of embedded secrets hiding in plain sight across websites like 4chan. The deepest, darkest, and craziest shit is all ripe for picking if you’re willing to dig through the garbage of 4chan/b Random (NSFW). The average person probably wouldn’t be able to figure out WHY these secrets are posted in public and in the filth of pornographic or disturbing images, but the reasons are actually fairly trivial. By hiding messages in images ranging from revolting to illegal, hackers reduce the likelihood that some government spooks are going to browse our shit. If the requirement to decode content means staring at hardcore porn or gore for hours on end then that means the average person cannot or will not do so.

13 Min Read

Ben the Jedi Hacker

Imagine a world where hackers embody the mythical essence of kobolds, those elusive creatures lurking in the shadows. Like their legendary counterparts, hackers possess a mysterious ability to be both everywhere and nowhere at once. They navigate the vast expanse of the internet, hidden in the digital nooks and crannies, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. But beware, for these creatures are as harmless as a sleeping dragon… unless you dare to cross them or awaken their insatiable curiosity. Brace yourself for a journey into the captivating realm of hackers, where the lines between reality and myth blur, and the secrets of cyberspace unfold.