In the midst of a turbulent year, where the tech industry has felt the ripples of the COVID-19 pandemic and unstable economic conditions, I found myself facing challenges and setbacks. As a digital agency owner, I can attest to the impact felt across the board, from major ad agencies to smaller studios. However, amid the chaos, I discovered a silver lining that surpassed my expectations and led me down an even more fulfilling path.

Let me share with you a short gratitude of resilience and the pursuit of happiness. While I must maintain the anonymity of those involved, they will know who they are. Perhaps, dear reader, you will be reminded today that these qualities exist by choice, will, and intent. Carpe diem!

Amidst the Storm, Heroes Emerge

In a landscape marred by uncertainty, I have been privileged to witness the birth of startups driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world. These courageous founders dare to challenge the status quo and strive to effect real change. Their unwavering determination and unyielding spirit in the face of adversity are nothing short of heroic. Their journey inspires me, and I am grateful to be connected to their vision and witness their fortitude as they navigate the obstacles along their path.

Embracing the Power of Utility

In a world dominated by hype, I find solace in the wisdom of a few seasoned entrepreneurs who proclaim their preference for “boring companies.” This phrase does not imply a lack of passion, but rather a focus on utility and the integration of everyday applications that seamlessly improve our lives. Within my circles, there are two such startups that are carving their niche in response to the void exacerbated by social media and the COVID-19 pandemic – connecting people in the real world. The founders of these ventures are not only mentors, friends, and personal heroes of mine, but they also embody the spirit of innovation. It is an honor to learn and grow alongside them, rediscovering how to invest my time and resources wisely in this ever-evolving landscape.

The Indomitable Spirit

In recent years, I have witnessed the downfall of numerous businesses, leaving an indelible mark on the tech startup community. Despite the growing attention towards equality and diversity in the industry, meaningful change remains elusive. I cannot help but feel disheartened by the struggles faced by minority-led startups, as they struggle to secure the necessary funding, despite ticking every box on venture capitalists’ checklists. It is an unequivocal truth that had these startups been led by white male counterparts, success would come more easily. The unfairness of it all weighs heavily on me. However, there is a silver lining in the resilience and tenacity displayed by these founders. Their ability to adapt, their unparalleled work ethic, and their unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of promise for our collective futures. By adopting their mindset, we all can learn to overcome our obstacles and achieve greatness.

In this tale of triumph and gratitude, we celebrate the heroes who rise above the storm, the pursuit of utility over empty hype, and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be broken. Join me in spirit to feel the gratitude for founders everywhere, as we embark on a journey of resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of happiness in the ever after.

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